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But..... is it Poetry ?
On Sunday afternoon the 5th of November 5-7pm
In the Thornbury Local 635 High St, Thornbury
This question will be addressed by the Citizens Band (Anna Fern, Sjaak de Jong, Bernadette Brogan and Graham Twist) , jeltje + friends, George O'Hara and Marty Monstar

But... is it poetry ?

Do words set to music qualify as poetry? The original meaning of lyrics is poetry accompanied by the lyre, that is, poetry
performed to music. Which is more important to the listener, the words or the music?
Are these lyrics from Billy Thorpe's 1964 hit 'Mashed Potatoes' necessarily poetry?

mashed potatoes yeah 9x
mashed potatoes yeah mashed potatoes oh yeah 3x
repeat all of the above 5 x

They might be labelled minimal, or sound poetry, but is it stretching it to call these lyrics poetry? What about the songs of Bob Dylan that earned him the Nobel Laureate for literature?

The Welsh word cerdd can be translated as both 'verse' and 'music'. Historically, the great bards performed their poetry with musical accompaniment. Music, poetry, spoken word and performance have been entwined for centuries, often as part of
more comprehensive rituals.

The increased specialisation of occupations within capitalist societies has included a separation of many art forms (composer, librettist, performer etc.). Various art movements, such as Dada and Fluxus, have rejected this process, viewing art as a creative process and way of being in the world in which we can all participate, rather than being the realm of the expert.

The Citizens Band will perform some of our favourite songs that we think cross the divide of musical domination, into the sunny uplands where poetry plays an equal, if not more significant role. We love the lyrics of songwriters such as Townes Van Zandt, Elvis Costello, Patsy Kline, and of course, Bob. But... is it poetry?
You be the judge!


Poetry and music – jeltje and friends

Performing poetry and music is like putting the icing on the cake… creating a sparkling setting for the words to come across.

At times, the music has influenced the form of the poem, giving it, for example, a heartening verse-and-chorus-like structure. At other
times, the form was already there and the poem performed as a counterpoint to the music… it feels a bit like I’m dancing with words. Or the music comes in and out as short musical interludes, runs underneath the poetry, like a musical Leitmotif.

Unlike sound-poetry, which is often also scripted in one form or another, poetry and music, as an art-form, survives only in recordings.

However, the poetry holds its own, as text, in other publications.

My poetry has been shaped by the seventies when poetry
jumped off the page, to find a wider audience.



A recurring series of performances the first (inaugural) event took place in the" Dancing Dog" Footscray Thursday the 6th of Oct 2016
Next ......we went to ”Some Velvet Morning” Clifton Hill , Wednesday the 9th of Nov,"Bar 303" 303 High Street Northcote
Friday the 3rd of February 2017, than to Long Play 18th of April

The circus is currently in recess and will resume performances in the spring 2018

Come join the circus

Get some post-modern retro-sixties music, add carefully selected shades of poetry, flavour cautiously with dashes of DADA, a flourish of Fluxus and ... you will get a heady (but nevertheless accessible)
cabaret of the absurd called
“Citizens Circus”

Some Previous Events

Voiceprints 2015 CD was released and was promoted in a number of events during 2016 which will
also celebrated the 100 year aniversary of the birth of the DADA movement c

"DADA LIVES" (click here for details)

First one of these took place on the 5th of Feb 2016 around 7.30 pm. (celebrating the first Cabaret Voltaire)
It was held in "Some Velvet Morning" Queens Parade Clifton Hill

The second one of these events took place on the afternoon of 23rd of June 2016 from 6 till 7.30
It celebrated the first performance of a number of sound poems
by Hugo Ball (such as "Gadji Beri Bamba"). It was held in the City Library
253 Flinders Lane Melbourne

There is also a new release of UQ (Unamunos Quorum)
Called Re-Cycle

Some Previous Events

Jeltje's Poem "Lifesaving Inuendoes" appeared on the Audacious 2 CD
which was launched at the 29th of Jan @ 7:00pm
@ Under the Hammer 158 Sydney Road Coburg
you can get copies from Melbourne Spoken Word

DADA cabaret
One hundred years ago the poster below signalled the first evening of cabaret Voltaire which was also the start of the DADA movement, come help us celebrate the anniversary of this event
In “Some Velvet Morning” 123 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill.


Soundpoetry at Sappho in Sydney
July the 16th
Featuring : jeltje, Anna Fern, Ashley Higgs and Sjaak de Jong

Launch of jeltje’s latest collection of poems, Princes by night

This was a joint launch with N.S.W. Poet Phillip Hammial as the Melbourne launch of the books published by
Island Press Cooperative, in 2015.
Friday, 27 March, 2015 (6-9pm), Collected Works Bookshop
(1st Floor Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston Street, Tel. 03 9654 8873)

Princes by night
by Jeltje Fanoy ( Island Press Co-operative, 2015)

At the crossroads of myth and actuality, Princes by night is an exploration, in poetry, of some very complex post-colonial realities. From the long-buried stories of jeltje’s
parents and long-lost cousins, seemingly trivial accounts of childhood memories mirror what has been expressed, also, in more recent Dutch post-colonial histories of the
former “Dutch East Indies”. As the poems evolve, a light is cast, for brief but intensely lived moments, on long-ago, divided colonial worlds brought together within a
tradition of theatrical gesturing.

ISBN 978 0 909771 89 8

For review by Cordite click here


jeltje and Sjaak performed at the 2014 Perth Poetry festival

from Thursday 14th August till Sunday 17th August

Notes for Perth Poetry and music workshop

Open up these notes as PDF file