Sjaak de Jong

Moving on from the hallowed halls of "RockMusic" in the sixties and later to the more obscure venues (often cellars) of experimental and underground music I started to explore that rather magical world where language and music overlap. At times this took the form of working closely with poets providing accompaniments that tuned into and intermeshed with the musical lodes running through their poetry. At other times it culminated in performing, creating and promoting soundpoetry, especially as a founding member of the performance / soundpoetry chorus “UQ (Unamunos Quorum)”. For almost a quarter of a century UQ has worked the vein of soundpoetry previously explored by such groups as the legendary “The Four Horsemen” and more recently by “F’loom” and “AWOL Love Vibe”. Also during this time I collaborated with a variety of others as part of the F..tloose label publishing material from the border-regions where Music and Poetry overlap.

For the For the Dada the 8th of February event (celebrating the first Cabaret Voltaire) I performed "Dada Poem" by Jas H Duke, and "Tectonic Plates" of my own repertoire.

For the Dada the 23rd of June event (celebrating the first readings of phonetic poems by Hugo Ball) I performed "Gadji Beri Bimba", by Hugo Ball, "The Irrepressible Power of Steam" by Jas H Duke, and "Soldaten" by Theo van Doesburg