Poetry Alive in the House

Jeltje's third book , combined with a CD.
Poems that explore themes of personal ancestry, migration and change in a rapidly changing world.
Jeltje touches on feelings not only familiar to other migrants, but on a sense of estrangement becoming familiar to many of us, living in a globalised world. The CD opens up a further window to the poetry, which is set here to music, ranging from ethereal and ambient to jazzy & soft rock. After hearing the poems, the poems in print come to life in new and surprising ways.

Henri Bos said that "jeltje has a voice with the sound of BJØRK and the rhythm of the hypnotist Rasta Rostelli"

"Sultry, hypnotic, lilting…"
Going Down Swinging

"Reductive, certainly, but kinda nice."
Kerry Lewis, Overland

In Melbourne you can get copies from
Collective Works Bookshop
Level 1 Nicholas Building, 37 Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000
Phone (03) 9654 8873

Or Order directly from F..tloose

Sound sample track 7 from the enclosed CD
Poetry alive in the house