Princes by Night

Jeltje Fanoy (jeltje) has been writing, performing, recording and publishing poetry in Australia since the 1970s. She has been published nationally and internationally, and has performed at the Melbourne Writers Festival, Melbourne International Arts Festival, Perth Poetry Festival, Literaturfestival Berlin (Authors for Peace) and Krikri Polypoetry Festival in Ghent (Belgium).
In Princes by night, her fourth collection of poetry, Jeltje Fanoy moves backwards and forwards from the Dutch colonial narrative, to her own reality as a second generation Dutch migrant in Australia. Dark and dusty albums of family photographs, taken in the house and garden settings of the former Dutch East Indies, breathe new life into her parents’ childhood memories, long frozen in time and place. As the poems evolve, a light is cast, for brief but intensely lived moments, on long-ago, divided colonial worlds brought together within a tradition of theatrical gesturing.

This is quite extraordinary culturally rich biographical writing. Jim Kable

Jeltje Fanoy refreshes the lyrical and personal mode in an energetic engagement with supra-personal historical, social and public domains. John Jenkins

The migrant experience is ever-changing, and “Princes by night” is welcome in its exploration of unfamiliar territory so close to home. Benjamin Solah (Cordite Poetry Review)

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